31 December 2007

Poker - BlackJack - Crib

We are playing cards tonight, in celebration of the new year. Just a few friends and family, gathering together to win money away from one another. It's the spirit of the holidays.

The MG and I are easily bored. We're very well suited in that way, but we can be frustrating for everyone else.

The last time we played cards, we grew bored and began making up our own rules. Much like the game of "Cups" that Chandler played Joey on Friends. (perhaps my fave episode, ever)

Much to my b-i-l's consternation, we developed Poker-Blackjack-Crib. We are each dealt 5 cards and whoever can make the best hand out of the three games listed, wins. Of course, this isn't always possible, so it is sometimes settled by paper, rock , scissors or whomever shouts the loudest. (usually MG)

So, give it a try. Don't get bogged own in the rules...make 'em up as you go along. It's so much more fun that way!

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