31 December 2007

The Barone Family

I have mentioned previously that the show "Everyone Loves Raymond" very closely parallels my own life. Just in case you've forgotten, or are a new reader, yes, my in-laws live next door. Both brother & sister in-law and parent in-laws. *Right* next door. Within visual and auditory range. Cannot swing a cat without hitting a relative around here. I have been intending to get a sign made "Welcome to the Compound, Don't Drink the Kool-aid" (you think I'm kidding.)

What was my point? Oh yeah...

The MG's brother is definitely Robert. It is shockingly accurate, from the demeanor to the downtrodden posture. My sister-in-law is mostly like Amy, she does everything right: cooks, cleans, sews. The MG is a smart version of Raymond. There are times that what Raymond is saying, I have actually heard come out of the MG's mouth.

The parents are strangely a blend of all our parents. Raymond's mother is a mixture of my mother and MG's mother. The acid-tongued but well-intentioned comments are my mother, the neurotic clingyness is MG's mother.
Raymond's Dad is a more verbal version of my dad. And their marriage is a mirror of my parents relationship (more on that in my next post) The only one left out of the equation is MG's dad. The only parallel is that Frank is constantly watching television and eating. Both of our fathers do that.

I think, I hope, that I am not Debra. I've always found her abrasive, even bitchy. Perhaps she is my evil twin.

I have heard Raymond mention in interviews that people comment to him regularly that it is as if he has peeked into our lives and put it on television. In my case, it couldn't been more true. I am still not wholly convinced that there aren't Everyone Loves Raymond spy cams installed in our house.

So, if you ever wonder what my regular, day-to-day life is like: watch television. There it is.

Now, I have to go get ready for the party next door. Where my s-i-l will have prepared all the food and my b-i-l will keep track of how many hands of poker his brother has won. While my f-i-l watches football and my m-i-l hovers.

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Anonymous said...

You're not Debra at all. You're like a cheery, relaxed, brave version of Jamie on Mad About You.

Hm. That makes you sound not very much like Jamie on Mad About You.