13 June 2008

Hello Canadian Friends

It's with excitement that we are packing, right this minute, to spend the weekend in Canada. It's been two years since I've been there. Two Years! I can't wait to see our friends.

It wasn't until the past few days that I've realized how much I miss them. I can't wait to hear "Hello Our American Friends" from Jason, to see how big Miguel's girls have grown and just to hear the familiar lilt of their accents. All the "ehs", the "f&#k-alls" and "Right on"s. I know I am going to return with a potty mouth, as i usually do. (I am not sure if it's the Canadian thing or the Boy World thing. Although the f-bomb doesn't carry the strength there like it does in the States.)
Secondarily, to me at least, we're racing the car for the first time in about a year. That is always nerve-wracking. The first pass is always watched through cautious eyes. Of course, we hope to set the world on fire but will be happy with not breaking anything other than the bank.
*happy hand clap* I'm excited to see old friends! As our friend Steve says "It's just a line in the dirt. It's ridiculous we don't see each other more often."
We'll see you soon, eh?

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