22 June 2008

Rules of Attraction

Based on the Unusual Crushes post, this topic has grown:

There are levels of attractiveness, I think. Stereotypes or archetypes, really. Here are some categories that I can think of:
Greek God - so good looking he's unreal. (Brad Pitt, for example)
Bad Boy - there's mischief in his eyes. (lead singer of Maroon 5, David Beckham)
Everyday, Nice Guy - he always is married to a bitch, why is this?
Smart-hot - John Stewart, Anderson Cooper
The Funny guy - not necessarily cute but the engaging humor makes him attractive.
Nerdy - Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory - he's just so endearing.
Dressed Up - something about being in a tux or suit that can up the attractiveness quotient. (although I'm generally attracted to working men versus businessmen) This is like the Bar Girl attractiveness however -she's only hot with the make-up, hair, Wonderbra and tight clothes. Not so much in her sweats and no make-up. This one can backfire.

Working Men: Levi's and workboots, my fave. (guess what my husband does for a living?)
Uniforms. Firefighters, need I say more? (but does not include Psycho Border Guards :-)

Ugly-hot: This is for my friend D who thinks Benicio Deltoro is hot.

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