16 June 2008

Potty Mouth

As predicted, I returned from our weekend with a potty mouth. It began as I blearily stumbled out of the bedroom only to see a hallway-long trail of shedded dog hair. It's shedding season and every time this year I swear I am going to shave the dog clean. Luckily for her, MG keeps me from doing so.

It's amazing how immersing yourself in a culture (as I dare call "Boy World" culture) can alter your language in such a short time. Even when I was aware of it. I began to mentally count each time I cursed today. It's not pretty.

I give it another day or so and I will return to the regular level of cursing. Only in two weeks, I am back in that world. Heaven help us all.

It was a great weekend though. The weather was beautiful, we did well and we got to see our friends. What more could I ask for, eh?

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