07 June 2008

Unusual Crushes

We were talking about celebrities that we found attractive that most people don't. Not the George Clooney's of the world but of the more quirky variety. Swistle's example was Kevin James. Mine would be Kevin Smith.

So, without further ado: My Unusual Crushes:

Stephen Colbert. He had a picture in Vanity Fair that I nearly taped on the wall above my computer.

Hector Elizondo...he's older now but there's just something in his eyes.

Jeremy Piven before he became "Entourge."

Stanley Tucci...I think it's the eyes.

Ethan Embry (in Sweet Home Alabama)

Again, feel free to discuss amongst yourselves...


Swistle said...

Oh, yes: Jeremy Piven. Indeed. I like Dr. Perry Cox on Scrubs. Mmmmm.

Firegirl said...

What is it about balding/bald guys?

It's not like you can even say "He seems so Sweet" about Dr Perry Cox!

Cristina Mathers said...

i thought i was the only one who had a crush on stanley tucci! glad to know i am not the only one! =)

Anonymous said...

Eric Stoltz. Of the "Some Kind of Wonderful" fame. 1987. I've loved him since Jr. High (yea, that's how old).
It's the red hair. Even barely attractive guys that have red hair rise on my hot-ometer.

Firegirl said...

Eric Stoltz on Will & Grace!! Oh yes.

There's something about their demeanor...slightly downtrodden perhaps. Stanley has that.

Balding/bald also seems to be a theme too. (Ed Harris.....)


mamashine said...

Ethan Embry, YES! And Ed Harris too, although I think he's so hot that I assumed everybody did- I wouldn't consider him a quirky crush. I also have a major thing for Mark Harmon. Of NCIS, not Summer School. I didn't think he was near as hot when he was younger.

Here from Swistle. Hi!

shoeaddict said...

Yes, Ethan Embry & Ed Harris & Jeremy Piven. Also, this guy Ben the host of Cash Cab, Chef Tom Colicchio of Top Chef, Joel McHale of The Soup on E!...

Cristina Mathers said...

and i forgot! i have a thing for simon cowell and hugh grant and goran vijsnic from ER. I guess the accents are part of it.

OHHHHHHHh and Dr. Drew.

Firegirl said...

Hugh Grant has gotten more attractive as he's aged. He used to be in the cute category and now he's dare-I-say hot. (Music & Lyrics, hello! Shirtless)

Goran Vijsnic in the last few episodes of ER. swoon.

Simon falls into the Bad boy category, I think. It;s the grin.

Joel McHale: balding, self-deprecating, funny...good choice!

Good choices all!

Thanks for wandering in everyone.
Make yourself at home. (:-D

Unknown said...

Oh, I've got it bad for Jeff Probst! He's really the only reason I'm still watching Survivor...