31 August 2021

It's Only Nearly Dead

This was in my drafts folder.  I know something happened that pre-empted the post.  But in 2021 fashion, I can't remember which drama it was.  I think it might have been the "There's No Money in Our Account" adventure.

Anyway. it's a nice post even though it's late and I'm looking at Fall and Winter garden prep now.

Today was the first day that felt like Spring here at the house.  It's been sunny this week but it always takes a bit of time for the sun to reach past the trees to our house.  It takes a bit for everything that's been damp for months on end to dry.  

This is the day I mention every year where PNW natives seem to walk out of their houses, squinting into the sun, and remember why we live here.  The weather is perfect.  The sun is out without many clouds (there's almost always clouds here) it's warm enough to not need layers.

Yesterday I bought flowers (finally!) when I picked up groceries.  I bought five pots of multicolor annuals and one pink perennial for a gap in the garden.  I planted them last night, the first anything that I've done in the garden all year.

Today found me climbing up into the garden. Pulling weeds, trimming deadloss, raking mulch and replacing rocks that had tumbled out of place.  (either from water intrusion or Lucy or both)  I had mulch in my shoes and down my shirt.  My hair is a mess because something flying by became caught. I don't scare when it comes to bugs so I was gentle in combing out my hair.   I apologized to the spider that I uncovered while pulling away dead leaves.  The hawks and the crane were out today, as well as the robins and bluejays.  Everyone was outside and happy today.  The sun has recharged my battery.

The tulips are growing for the first time ever.  The lillies of the valley are blooming.  Some of the rhododendrens are budding, some are bloomed.  I think the hydrengas that I cut back last month are starting to make a comeback (whew!)

I was nearly finished when my father-in-law came shuffling over.  Kevin was working on the house when I heard him shout-whisper my name.  I looked up at my f-i-l was carrying a plant with red flowers.  They had bought "extra" and "didn't have room" to plant it.  My in-laws will never work for the CIA.   

The only problem was it needed water; they had bought it yesterday and it needed water then.  Yeah, buddy, it was so dry that I'm nervous whether or not it will make a comeback.  But it's in the ground and watered now.  We'll see.  It's not the first dead plant I've had and it won't be the last for sure.

And sure they gave me a nearly dead plant but it's the thought that counts.

Now I've showered the mulch off of me and I think there might be a sliver in my foot.  But I'm happy. Finally the opportunity to dig in the dirt and assess what made it through the winter was here.  The garden looks alive-ish again as we wait for everything to rejuvenate.  Including us humans.

*Points to whomever gets the quote that is the bloggity title.

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