20 March 2009

As You Wish

It's been a long week. Thankfully, we didn't have anywhere to go tonight so we're able to just chill at home. I got home before Kevin so I decided to use my ADD powers for good & cleaned the house from top to bottom.

While I was making dinner, I flipped on my favorite movie. As I scrurried about getting everything ready and finishing the last of my chores, I found myself reciting the dialogue as the movie progressed.

This is the one movie that I know by heart. Kevin can usually kick my ass in the "What movie is that from?" game but not with this movie.

It was still playing while we ate dinner. Kevin's favorite part "Inconceivable!" had already passed but his other favorite part was coming up. ("Drop your sword...you warthog faced buffoon")
Kevin stops at one point and says "But Fee's wedding was the best EVER." It took me a second to remember what he was talking about.

When Brother Dear got married a few years ago...since divorced...they had a fire department themed wedding. It was at my brother's department and the decorations were all red, white & fire oriented. They had an antique engine there to ride off in, it was great.

As the ceremony began, there was a moment of silence, just enough to catch your attention. Finally the pastor begins:

"Mawage. Mawage is what bwings us togever today. Mawage, that bwessed awwangment...that dweam of a dweam..."

We. Were. Rolling.

((It's from the Princess Bride, if you haven't guessed))

My parents were confused...as were some others attending. But most of us were ROLLING.

Brother Dear & Ann acknowledged to the crowd that the joke was on us, the pastor laughed, and he began again. This time without the speech impediment.

Kevin's right: that was the best.


Not Your Aunt Bea said...

We played that scene during our rehearsal and everyone cracked up except the parents who thought we were acting juvenile. It was too funny! We still just say a few lines and start giggling. Awesome movie.

Swistle said...

That is CWAZY!

Bethany said...

I watched that movie just a few weeks ago with my sisters. OMG, if that happened at a real wedding I would DIE...that's awesome!

Firegirl said...

Bea - there's the reason we're stranger friends Right There! Love it!

Bethany, it was The Best! We laughed so hard!!