01 March 2009


Last night, Kevin sat down on the bed and asked me to come talk to him. His tone was a little off so I was instantly curious and a little worried.

My worry increased as he was frowning. He began "I don't want to start an argument but..."

Well, WTF, I am thinking, worried. He's rarely this serious.

"I was wondering if you were ever going to just make a F&*king decision with the bathroom carpets and stick with it."

Funny. Real funny.

I am getting weary of green. The old house had lots of blue and the Malibu house has lots of green. So I wasn't terribly disappointed when one of the bathroom rugs binding came undone.

I bought, on clearance, at Target this rug:

This created the issue of replaced the sage green rugs that are around the corner. At first, I bought chocolate brown rugs but they were just too dark and I didn't like the weave of the rug.
Kevin was non-committal, which also tells me they weren't going to work. Usually, he will say "I don't hate those..." if he likes something.

I took the brown rugs back yesterday and now I have these rugs...also bought at Target.

Now here's my issue...the weave is not the same as the other rug and the color isn't exactly what I wanted. Crap....excuse the pun. But these are the rugs I wished I had bought in the first place a week ago. And I even had the first picture saved on my phone so I could compare colors.

They do, however, match the sheers & valances on the windows much better than the sage or the brown ones. But they're a little too big.

But, in the seeking of marital happiness, I will leave these rugs in place for at least a week before I make any further decisions.

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Swistle said...

OMG he is so funny!

Do they make the SAME carpet as the striped one, but smaller sizes?