04 March 2009

Okay...I don't get it

I don't watch The Bachelor at all. Although, I was a little curious this time as he's from my beloved Seattle.

(oh and this is probably going to be a ridiculously long post...go get wine...)

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just do a search about The Bachelor and approximately one gabillion results will post. Or you can do what I did and watch the last episode and the "After The Rose" episodes to get up to speed. In fact, I think that would be how I would watch it every season: just the last episode, if I were to ever watch it again.

Essentially, I don't believe in the show's premise: finding love on national television.
I don't think it's likely that you will find your true love under the glare of lights, cameras, and constant scrutiny. It is difficult enough to fall in love in real life, let alone add all the stress of being on television. Out of many episodes/series, there is only one "success story" and I believe that's just because the odds has to fall in someones favor at least once.

Anyway, I was fascinated with the huge dust-up about "What Jason DID."
I didn't and still don't get it. Why has he become a human pinata because he followed his heart? In my be-it-ever-so-humble opinion, he showed strength in changing his mind.

Now, preferably he wouldn't do it on national television but it says that it was the network/show's decision to do it that way. According to People, it wasn't a choice. AND...she chose to be on television. She chose that risk. So, not so much sympathy for her. (empathy - yes)

I love who everyone was *Swooning* over this guy but now he's an ass. Really? Two weeks ago, all of these women were jealously watching and wishing they were the girl.

I have to admit, I love him a little bit for making the hard choice. Whereas previously, I was a little "Whatever" about him because he did this show not once but twice.

I am such a little research nerd that I made little notes as I watched. I was fascinated at the two very different girls. I believe they were archetypes but I am not sure which ones. And I don't want to be judgmental or overly harsh.

But, me being the body language detective, watched the episode with my nose pressed to the screen. You can see in her body language that she knew something was wrong. I don't think she was surprised for a second. Embarrassed? Oh hell yes and as she should be. Hurt? hell-to-the-yeah. But surprised, however, I think not. I think she was more mad & embarrassed than hurt.

I don't believe that there are surprises in relationships when they fail. There are always signs. (standard disclaimer: of course, there is the exception for every rule and it's not fair to generalize. No purchase necessary to play.) But as he explained, everything changed once they were off camera. He couldn't have been the only one to sense it

One...Melissa...was all Me, Me, You, Me and the other...Molly...was all You, You, Us, You, Us, Us, Us. His family even liked Molly better. So I was a little WTF when he chose Melissa.

I think he was blinded by what most men are blinded by: she was sexy and flirty and fun. But in the harsh light of day, it seems, it didn't work. Even when he broke up with her she was "What did I do? Why does this happen to me? I don't understand!" Whereas when he broke up with Molly, she was all "You're making a mistake but I wish the best for you."

And OMG, how heartbroken was he when Molly left. I think he knew then that he f&*ked up.
Yet when Melissa left the set, he was appropriately sad but not in the fetal position. I think he felt badly for hurting her. And like he said "How long am I supposed to wait? weeks? months? Years? When would it be appropriate?" Yeah! what he said!

Oh, and he has a child! I liked how he introduced them as "friends" and kept it low key. I was prepared to hate him forever if he messed with his kids mind with the "This is your new mommy" bullsh*t. But he didn't. And he has a smart kid. He's three and he knows what's what. He warmed up to Melissa - she who got dumped- but if you watch, you can see that he was a little *whatever* about her. She was simply trying too hard and he saw through it.

Then along comes girl #2. (Molly) He doesn't warm up to her immediately and that makes sense to me. Two "friends" to meet in a day is a lot for a little kid. And he just experienced someone who was probably a little insincere. So of course, he would expect this person to be as well.
But he warmed up and seemed to like her better. I always trust kids & dogs when presented with judging humans so I called one for her.

At the end, I liked that he didn't propose to Molly (that always feels so contrived on television shows) and that when he thought the mikes were out of range he said "Let's get out of this place." I like that Molly expressed concern for Melissa and didn't immediately jump into his arms. It just seems like they are such a better match.

I still don't get it. Girls are always wanting guys to be honest and forthright with their feelings. This guy was and he gets pounded for it. I don't understand.

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