13 April 2009


This week thus far has been a continuation of last week, so that's *fun* she types with withering sarcasm. I don't even have the energy to delve into it so this is what Easter was like:

Easter this year was a challenge.
Two dinners in one day, it's beginning to catch up with Thanksgiving in my loathing of holidays. Two dinners for two families, neither of whom go to church at all. Makes perfect sense. But in the words of my friend B "It's a holiday so we're all going to get together and like it."

Actually I thought that we had gotten through a family holiday without a winner in the Take The Lord's Name in Vain on a Major Holiday game but as I began to mention it, Kevin interrupted "Oh no, your dad complained about something being so G.D'ed expensive." NICE.

My nieces, who are usually ANGELS were bickering. If one wasn't pouting, the other one was eye-rolling. It's rare that they do this so I tried to concentrate on that versus throwing Easter candy at them.

Oh, and my mom WIGGED OUT because Brother Dear didn't mention he was bringing his new girlfriend. "I. DIDN'T. SET. A. PLACE. FOR HER. *gd IT*" (Oh, see? Repressed memory: my mom won the game too!)

Um, Mom? Brother Dear BROUGHT DINNER WITH HIM. I am sure he planned accordingly.

Oh, this is one of the best parts. Now, bless my mom. Her birthday is in two days & she has her hands full with my dad & her growing health concerns. Keep that in mind when I say:

We had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

Yes, Jesus was pleased, I am sure of it.

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Not Your Aunt Bea said...

That sucks. When DID Easter turn into a holiday on par with Christmas and Thanksgiving? I am still worn out from it. Or maybe its all the sugar.