04 July 2009

A New Way to Spend the Holiday

Tonight was the annual fireworks in my hometown. Longtime readers know that I used to be a pyrotechnician and was usually buried in work this time of year. Tonight was the second anniversary of what I fondly call "When We Blew Up." ( see Post #1 and Post #2) With regret, I am no longer a pyrotechnician. Probably a wise choice but I rarely enjoy wise choices.

I was prepared for pouting on the sidelines tonight. Last year I hated, hated, hated sitting on the sidelines. After years upon years of being in the mix of things, I felt supremely left out watching instead of directing a show.

Another milestone tonight...while I'm being all melodramatic...this is probably the last fireworks show that my dad will see. His prognosis is terminal and we're looking at mostly likely months at this point. He was tired but did manage to see the show tonight.

Dad began the fireworks in 1963 and has ensured that it has continued all these years. It feels like the circle is complete now. He knows now that his tradition will continue while his kids sit safely on the shore.

While I was prepared for SuckFest 2009, I was wrong. Our friends still gathered, the fam was all present & accounted for. This year even my second-longest friend CD was there. CD and Kevin get along remarkably well and now D has met him too. CD was in the mix nearly immediately much to my amusement. (but not surprise)

So, the page has turned. We're now spectators. While this is not what I've chosen, I can appreciate the gift that all of us are safe & healed, sitting on the shore watching the show and enjoying the time we spend together. The tradition, now altered, will be continued.

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Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Thought of you last night as we watched the fireworks. It must be hard to watch from the sidelines, but as you have said, it is a wise choice. Not fun. But wise. Sorry to hear about your dad.