15 July 2009

Lost Bowls Found

I brought home two bowls today that are just like bowls I had when I was married to Michael. I loved those bowls but left them behind when we divorced. I left nearly everything behind, as I just wanted the hell out.

Longtime readers will remember this post: keepsakes-memories-or-betrayal

It was triggered by an Everyone Loves Raymond episode where Debra had a bunch of items throughout the house that were from former relationships; a picture frame, an ice chest and something else.

So, I am having a tinge of guilt – albeit misplaced – about bringing these bowls home. However, they are not the style of bowls that Kevin will use so it will just be my little secret. And it's not like I am going to be wistfully thinking about Michael while I eat my Fruit Loops.

And I just freaking love them, always have always will.

Here’s a picture, taken in the setting sunlight through our windows:


Jess said...

The bowls are beautiful. And honestly they don't sound like they are a keepsake of your relationship. They sound like they were a relationship casualty that you always missed.

Not Your Aunt B said...

The bowls can't be held responsible for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. They are pretty. I would bring them home too. And when I ate my froot loops out of them, I would be thinking fother mucker, give them back so I can have a complete set!