16 July 2009

Thank You Y'all

With the illness of my dad, my friends have circled the wagons. For that I am eternally grateful.

I have a handful of close friends. I'm not super popular or outgoing, that's Kevin.

In fact, I can be a total crap friend sometimes. To quote a friend, Tina, "I'll be your friend, I'm just terrible at remembering to BE a friend." I understand what she is saying. I forget to call or call back. I'm lazy about hanging out.

But the friends I have now are friends that I've had for Years.
The accumulation of a lifetime, each of them represents certain time periods or versions of me.

C and I have known each other since grade school. We are still tight after many, many years.

I met K & D through the school over ten years ago. ("Ten! Ten!?!?!? TEN YEARS! Ten!")

CD and I have known each other since middle school. He has become a regular part of my life with the introduction of Facebook. In the past, CD surfaced when something major happened in either of our lives. Now, it's a regular appearance and I am appreciating the friendship more each day.

Now, D and CD have met and OMG, it's ON. They bonded quickly. I'm a little scared, frankly.

K is the friend that I talk to when I have "What do you think about this?" situations. We compare Target shopping and minutiae of the day. K listens.

D is my mischief friend. She is the one who drags me off the couch and says "C'mon We're doing this."

Then there are my blogger-facebook-e-friends. (Hi Bea! Dyn! Jess!) I've found those friendships have become invaluable as well. There such comfort in a one sentence comment, reminding me that we're all connected in this crazy, chaotic life.

My point being, is that all of these wonderful souls fulfill a niche in our friendship. Without even one of them, I would be lost.

So Thank You.


Dynamita said...

I know. I feel the same way.

Not Your Aunt Bea said...

No, THANK YOU. We're here for you!

Swistle said...

Back atcha.