29 November 2005

The Brownie Story

(those of you who are my closest friends know this story but it's worth repeating...it still makes me giggle!)

So, I've had a craving for brownies for a few days...nope, not pregnant or doobie smoking...just one of those funky "Hey, that sounds really good" kind of things.

I mention this to my friend today who says-with a slight eye-roll - "Why don't you just make some?" gesturing to the baking aisle. Then she catches herself and says "Wait, what am I thinking? Look who I am talking too. You do not cook!" And on we go with our shopping.

Last stop on the way home was Freddy's to pick up stuff for my husband's dinner. (It's called car crash...if you don't know, don't ask) so I decided what the hell, I'll make some brownies. The oven will already be on! It's destined to be!

I chose the mix wisely: which one has the least ingredients required.
I actually had to buy oil as the only oil we have is for something with four-wheels & an engine.
Off I go home.

I make dinner...ugh, the things we do for our husbands. Good thing he's cute.

Then I begin to really read the directions for the brownies.

Oh, it needs a cake pan. Hmmm...cake pan, cake pan, cake pan...OH, that's right, I used it as a paint pan when my friend & I painted the floor blue. Uno small problemo.

I called my sister-in-law who thankfully lives next door. Of course she, being Suzy Homemaker, has all kinds of cake pans.
I walked over to her house and she has two pans and asks which one I need...Like I'm going to know. So, I took two home.
And use the tape measure to see which one I need. (9x9 by the way)
I mix everything up, no harm, no foul. Read the directions again...
"Grease the pan" Really bad words here.
Okay, improvise...fake margarine stuff that resembles butter. Close enough.
Put it in the pan...put it in the oven. (you know the one that flew out of my truck on the freeway - another story)
Set the timer and TA DAH! Brownies in 34 minutes according to the directions.

One minute left, we're eating dinner. (if you can call dinner "dinner") and my husband says - because he's met me "Are you burning the brownies?"
Nope, one minute left! But I check anyway.
A little overdone but no big deal. How can that happen when one meticulously follows directions? giggle

Then dinner's done, and the telephone rings and the dishes need to be done and the brownies need to cool for a half-hour. (what a stupid rule)
Now it's 9:30 p.m., I'm exhausted and going to bed...without my damn brownies.

Guess what I'm having for BREAKFAST!?!?!?

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