25 November 2005

Raise Your Hand if..

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a page where Richard Scarry's Best WordBook Ever has been updated for Modern Times. The Politically Correct Police have taken their hold of this childhood institution. No longer can we have only mothers in the kitchen or a lady labeled as "pretty." (and as I spell check, it suggested I not use the word "lady" either. Sigh…)
Apparently, the world will come to an end if this is allowed.

Now I can understand if they had an African American as a bellboy (which spell check just suggested "bellhop") or chauffeur. This makes sense to me. But to not label the lady as pretty just makes my eyes roll.

The Politically Correct Police make me grit my teeth on a regular basis. Especially now as we head into the Holiday Season.... Oh for the love of God and all things Holy, do not call it the Christmas holidays.
Remember when we were kids at this time of year? Every school had a Christmas Program. There was Carols sung...or dare-I-say Hymns! I remember there was a nativity scene re-enacted.

I also remember we learned how to make the Star of David and dreidels. Now it is a Winter Break (do not call it a holiday!) and there's nothing Christmasy about it.

We are losing our heritage as the Political Police make their way through our lives. It makes me sad.

Raise your hand if:
You remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance with "Under God."
You regularly sung Christmas Carols other than Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.
You could call someone an Indian Giver...which by the way insults the Pilgrims, not the Indians.
You actually could celebrate Holidays and not just benign passing of seasons.
You wore a Halloween costume to school. Sometimes there was even a parade!
You sung patriotic songs and knew the stories and meanings behind them.
You can fold a flag.

The children of this generation aren't experiencing these traditions and they are fading away.
It seems as if we can't do anything without the fear of insulting somebody somewhere.

Now, don't get me wrong. The "N" word should be completely abolished from the English language. I cannot believe that it's been used regularly now by certain groups that should know better. I do not care if they're not pronouncing the "er" on the end of it. It is still wrong.
I also recognize that some stereotypes are demeaning and shouldn't be encouraged. However, some stereotypes are there for a reason. That's how they came to be in the first place. Let's not be so hyper-sensitive.

I am just saying let's relax a little bit. We can have Christmas, just include Hanukkah and other celebrations. We can have the Pledge of Allegiance; the kids whose parents don't want them to say "under God" can sign a waiver. Kids can wear Halloween costumes, the world won't end.

Let's not lose our "American" traditions because our populations is so diverse and we have to acknowledge everyone and everything. It’s impossible to do so and sets expectations way too high. It also gives people way too much power and attention.

We are Americans, by nature we have always been politically incorrect. Think about it, isn't that how we got here in the first place?

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