21 November 2005


I drive a piece of shit Honda car. It is not a morally indignant statement upon the government or fuel companies; it is simply a fact. I wish I could be that socially conscious. But truth is: I choose not to have a car payment. The gas mileage is a bonus too. Actually driving it could be construed as trendy and cool!

Originally, my husband was driving the POSHC and I was driving a rather cool 4x4 truck. It became necessary for him to drive the truck, due to hauling AND self-esteem issues so we traded.

At first, it was fun to have a zippy little car to drive, I could park it anywhere! Then I realized that I am driving a POSHC. It is a little hit to the ego, I must admit. Nevertheless, I reminded myself to practice what I preach: we have few bills, we own our cars outright, and have sparkly toys. So it shouldn’t matter what car I drive, right?

Then I picture myself meeting someone from my past in a parking lot…ex-husband or mortal enemy, okay those are two of the same…and having to get into the POSHC. Then I am not feeling so groovy in my convictions.

My husband has said that he is embarrassed that his wife is driving the POSHC. (I think he has nightmares that I will be seen by his ex-wife/mortal enemy too) He says that he/we have worked too hard to drive a POSHC. To a degree, I agree with him. However, I then remember that I don't have to make a $300 car payment to International Bank of Car Salesmen for the rest of my God-given life and I feel better.

Then, to my shock and surprise, someone mentioned how they had a car like mine and LOVED it. They even MISSED it! Suddenly, I felt a little better about the POSHC, but it passed quickly enough. It is still a little four-door beater car. Certainly not my dream car and definitely not the coolest car I have ever owned.

The flip is that I am a car snob. Cars are a major part of my life, fast cars in particular.
I don't believe that you have to drive a BMW to be my friend or be important, I just see co-relations between who a person is and what car they drive. It is a pretty basic theory: the state of their car or even the type of car gives a person a little perspective of how the person is.
If the car is filthy, then we can surmise that they might not be as clean as a person may want in a relationship.
If the car is cluttered, the person appears disorganized.
If the car is usually clean and well-taken care of - regardless of what kind of car it is - then you can surmise that the person has some self-respect and motivation. (And most days the POSHC pretty clean although I do find myself randomly tossing books, newspapers and other effluvia carelessly in the back seat. This did not happen in the cool truck...well, as much :-)
If the car is pimped out and the person is obsessive about it, then it is a safe bet that their priorities may not be in order.
If their SUV or 4x4 is lifted with huge tires and all the accessories available for a vehicle and then some, it’s again the priorities thing but then we also face what we call "The Little Man Syndrome." You can safely bet that the owner of this truck is under 5’ 10" or has some abnormality that is overcome by owning a truck like that.

Nevertheless, of course there are exceptions to every rule. Look at me: I drive a POSHC. (:-D

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