09 November 2005

Just when you think nobody notices

Having lost a favorite uncle unexpectedly and discovering that my husband was being diagnosed with a life-altering disease, my days last summer were shaped by grief and worry.
Few things were penetrating my consciousness those days. Certainly, few postive things.

As I watched the school-agers leave on their daily trip, I was once again caught up in my own sad reverie. Until a small hand in the window caught my eye.
Focusing, I looked more closely at the hand waving.
In the window with a big grin, was a red-haired boy with a toothy grin, flashing the ASL sign for "I Love You".

Through tears, I waved back and then returned the sign to him. His grin became huge and he happily waved back at me as the van pulled away.

A nine year old boy can make one realize that, indeed, life goes on and people do care. Even if we aren't conscious enough to notice.

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