12 December 2008

The Island of Misfit Toys

The Malibu Barbie Dream House doesn't tolerate decorations as much as our old house. It's not like it throws open the door and tosses them out or anything. It just seems so obvious when I decorate for the holidays.

The new house has cleaner lines, vaulted ceiling, not so much clutter...bric-a-brac is a better word. So anything I put out just seems to scream "LOOK AT ME! I'M A DECORATION! I DON'T NORMALLY BELONG HERE!!! LOOK AT ME!!!"

(gosh, I'm over-thinking this aren't I?)

I think there was more surface space in the old house. That's one difference. Also, it was decorated in what could be best described as country cottage. There were lots of nooks & crannies. The living room was large with lots of cozy furniture. (three arm chairs & a couch!!)
Okay, enough of that. I'm talking about the new house.

But it's even an issue of where to put the Christmas cards we received. In the old house there was a faux beam separating the kitchen and living room. Perfectly lovely for displaying Christmas cards. No such luck in this house. For four years, they've been precariously balanced on the dining room table. Waiting for us to bump the table and set them domino-ing all over the floor.

So, I've been picky about Christmas decorations in this house. I have the tree decorated so that's lovely. Kevin's mom gave us this strange LED Christmas tree that I set on a little table. The requisite Santa light is up. I set up my little Jesus corner in the hallway with the creche and nativity snowglobes. I have a fake pointsettia in the mud room, next to the keys. Oh, and I have lights on the decks and around the back door. So, it's not barren. It's not The House without Christmas.

Meanwhile, there are two totes in the closet, chock full of decorations. AND...I have a Thomas Kincaide Christmas village, which is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE IT. But the outlets are already over-loaded on the entertainment center/bookcase so I'm hesitant to plug in MORE things. Sigh...

Added Bonus: my family only visits our house yearly. Yep, yearly. For my birthday. So, my OCD self wants them to see the house in it's normal state. I know, it's irrational...yes, the fact that the family visits annually, yet lives 30 minutes away and that I'm hesistant to decorate.

I am sneaking up on it this year. Yeah, that's it. I'll take one tote out this weekend and at least consider taking some of the stuff out. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Meanwhile, blogger friends....how do you decorate for the holidays? We can even share pictures on your blogs...


Swistle said...

Ha ha! This is so funny! I can just picture your new house whisking stuff out the door!

Dynamita said...

Our tree is usually made from construction paper and the ornaments are made out of post-it notes. It doesn't take up any space (London flats are tiny) and helps decorate the barren walls.

Our cards go on a windowsill because we don't receive too many.

Not Your Aunt B said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a baby Jesus. it's hard to find a nice and safe home for him.

I'm with you on this. We have a normal house, with more modern-y taste, but I love to decorate for Christmas. Our house is just not big enough for all the stuff we have and the Christmas stuff has to compete with the kids' stuff, which I try to contain anyhoo. I am going to try to tackle it this weekend. Will post photos if I do.