01 December 2008

What I Know For Sure

Oprah has been posing this question to her guests recently. A few months ago, Quinn at The QC Report posted her answer to that query. Apparently it's the hip and cool thing to do now.

So, pondering...what do I know for sure? Well, it's not like I've had an easy walk down life's path in the past few years. Well, okay, nearly ever. What I mean is I've had plenty of experiences to have some clarity when it comes to this question.


That's it. That's what I know for sure. Patience.

Did I say I was good at it? Nope. It's not one of my strong suits.

Patience...how many proverbs, quotes, and email pass-alongs extoll this virtue? Many: This too shall pass...good things come to those who wait...time heals all wounds...when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot & hang on...

Everything passes, everything changes, nothing is constant. You just have to wait it out. Time takes care of things, you just have to wait it out. Few things in life are permanent. Friends change, spouses leave, finances fluctuate, families grow. You just have to wait.

Patience is also a fun part of Karma. What you put out into the world, you receive in return. Sometimes we get to see the benefits of Karma, and sometimes we don't. Patience is required.

From Websters Dictionary: Main Entry: Patient
Middle English pacient, from Anglo-French, from Latin patient-, patiens, from present participle of pati to suffer; perhaps akin to Greek pēma suffering
14th century
1: bearing pains or trials calmly or without complaint
: manifesting forbearance under provocation or strain
: not hasty or impetuous
: steadfast despite opposition, difficulty, or adversity
5 a
: able or willing to bear

Patience helped me through many a rough patch when holding on didn't seem possible.
Patience led me to Kevin.
Patience gave the US a new president.
Patience will get us to Christmas.
Patience will allow me to go where I need to go.
Patience has gotten me here.

That's what I know for sure.

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