06 December 2008

Wagons East

The adventure in Las Vegas has rekindled Kevin's and my wanderlust.

Kevin has moved many, many times as a child. We tried to count once and I think we gave up after ten times. He's always lived here in Washington and has lived on both sides of the mountains. When we moved into the Malibu Barbie Dream House, he announced that he was never moving again. This surprised me and even then, I didn't quite believe him.

I, however, have always lived in the same county, not traveling further than 40 miles away from my parents home. It has mostly been a conscious choice. While I consider Washington my home, I do picture myself having another house elsewhere someday.

The first time this subject arose was when Kevin was offered a job, back-in-the-day, to work up in Alaska. He used to be a refrigeration mechanic and at the time it was a high demand skill in Alaska. We seriously considered it for a little while but determined that we couldn't leave the family and well, it was Alaska. And it was the right decision. So, this isn't the first time this subject has arisen.

As it's always just been the two of us, we don't need to worry about leaving behind children or grandchildren. We do have nieces and nephews but as they grow up with families of their own, our presence will be less important.

Kevin has always wanted to move closer to the East Coast or to the Southwest. He craves the nicer weather. With the racing thing, we live so far away from everything important that it has become increasingly frustrating. Especially as he grows in the sport.
In order to learn anything new, he is limited to the internet or magazines. He, too, is a research nerd and he thinks nothing of calling New York, North Carolina, Georgia to quiz people about racing. (our cell phone bill = exhibit a) It would be such a luxury to have the ability to drive to these places and actually see what is happening.

I wonder just how different his life would be if given the opportunity to be in the mix of the racing community. Would he have his own business? perhaps. Would he become a professional driver? perhaps. I can't help but wonder.

He has achieved so much, living so far away from the "action", I'm just curious as to what he could accomplish if we moved. And thank God for the internet. He has learned So Much with the internet and made so many stranger-friends. It is amazing

And me. I am always up for an adventure. For a long time, I said that I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. But having a taste of the Southwest makes me question that ideal. Also, my BFF K lives in New Hampshire and there are days that I sure would love to live closer to her. Also, it's not like my job skills are non-transferable. I can find a non-profit anywhere and I can write anywhere.

But now The Fam lives around us. Any thought of moving is impossible. It would be difficult enough to move just the two of us, let alone six of us. (:-D While we are grateful to have them nearby and as much as they make us crazy, it is a gift to have their support. Leaving just isn't an option. Although I did tell Kevin that if one more family member moves nearby, I am packing us up and leaving. He's come home to the car trailer & truck loaded and we're headed for parts unknown. He laughed but he knows that there is a grain of truth in that statement.

I believe in "everything happens for a reason" and I know that I just need to wait and see what happens in the future. Until then, we've made the agreement that later in life (defined as "after our parents pass") we will consider seriously moving to another part of the US.

Until then, who knows what opportunities will arise for us? What was it I said earlier? Oh, that's right: patience.


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I love these kinds of musings. We have similar thoughts, albeit for different reasons, quite frequently. It's so frustrating but also so fun.