31 May 2019

Ford Ranger

From the Drafts folder from a few years ago...

From the completely random thoughts that go through my brain category is today's post.

There is a Country song that just stopped me dead in my tracks when I first heard it.  I know you don't all enjoy the country music so here is the link and here are some of the lyrics:

I saw your picture in a paper, Honeymoon in Jamaica, she's a lucky girl
You look so grown up in your black tux, from a ball cap in a pick up, seems like another world
You and me and our big dreams, falling in love
We were two kids in the backseat, all fearless and young

I got the first kiss and she'll get the last
She's got the future, I got the past
I got the class ring, she got the diamond and wedding band
I got the boy, she got the man

I just remember that moment actually happening.  And I wonder if everyone must/might have that moment.  It happened to me years ago when I was innocently reading the paper, in our new-to-us house, and shortly after getting engaged to Kevin.  A wedding announcement.  Someone in a tuxedo who I was used to seeing like the lyrics described.

It doesn't matter how happy you are. You have that irrational thought "That could have been me."  You still feel the sudden heartbreak all over again even though years had passed and it's disconcerting.  I think partially because we remember people as we left them.  So, I picture the boy in the the Ford Ranger. At the time, I couldn't imagine the grown man.  

And how weird is that?  Well, weird enough that someone wrote a song about it.

We're grown-ups now.  Back then, we couldn't wait to start our lives.  Back then we would have never guessed that we ended up the way we are.

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Gigi said...

I love that song - and yes, when you look back and reflect on what you thought your future would be and then compare it to where you are now...you will usually find yourself somewhere you never expected to be.