01 June 2009

Hallmark Moment

Kevin's birthday was this week. He's usually kind of anti-birthday, not vain about his age, but not wanting any extra attention.

I mentioned earlier this week not to expect greatness from his birthday present because he hadn't asked/wished for anything and I don't think I could top the barbecue I gave him last year.

Wait, I have to tell you this story really quick:
Last year, before Kevin's birthday, his dad bought a new barbecue. Oh for the love of all things holy, there was whining and wistfulness over his dad's barbecue. Finally, I had Kevin's parents go down while we were at work and buy one. They brought it home and the Nephew put it together on the deck before we got home.
After work I raced home to try to get home before Kevin. I was only like one minute ahead of him which gave me no time for a bow or an idea to surprise him. I had to improvise, quickly.

He got out of his car and was dragging tired. His Dad came ambling over and Kevin asked what was going on. As he's shooing the dog away, inspiration struck. I sighed heavily "The dogs broke the screen door, I can't get it to shut." (brand new screen door, at the time.)

The Dog was lucky she'd wandered away at this point. Kevin went into his shop and grabbed some tools and went stomping toward the deck. He was actually muttering when he looked up and spotted his shiny new barbecue. "Oh....hey...." he says with reverence. Nice moment.

Okay...meanwhile....back on topic:

His parents were fussing because they couldn't think of what to get them. They gave him a card from Hallmark and said "We'll get you a gift later."

It's obvious that it's a singing card so we just knew it would be something silly.

He opens it and it plays

"Happy birthday to you" in his father's voice
"Happy birthday to you" in his mother's voice.
"Happy birthday...." father's voice
"We love you Randy..." mother's voice.
"Buh bye" ....father's voice (code: "what she said")

It was the nicest card ever. We both teared up listening.

I love to picture those two deciding what to say/sing, practicing and then recording it. Too doggone cute and sweet.

It's going to sit on the bookcase forever.

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Not Your Aunt Bea said...

Aww...that is very cute. My FIL always sings me happy birthday (sans the I love you part) and I look forward to it every year especially since he is a non-singing, unemotional type. Happy birthday, Kevin!