09 July 2011

Random Item of the Day

Every child has a special box or container in which they keep their treasures.  For the longest time, this was mine.  It definitely shows the love of a small child.  It's faded and dented but still quite pretty.  I rescued it from obscurity in a tote in Monica's closet a few months ago. 

Back in the day, Red Rose Tea used to come in tins like the above.  For awhile they also gave away little ceramic animals.  My paternal grandma used to save the animals for me and it was our thing.  I would visit and she would have a new animal for me.  Unfortunately, she passed of a heart attack when I was six.  However, I still have all of them, equally as loved as the tin pictured above.

I have very few memories of my paternal grandmother (whose maiden name is the same as my married name)
but with this little tin I can picture her in my mind.  Her little house still stands, a mile from my parents house.  I think about her every time I drive by.  I also think of her when I spot this little tin sparkling at me from it's shelf in our living room.

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creative kerfuffle said...

i love things like that remind you of grandparents. thankfully i have lots of great memories of times w/ my grandparents, and even a few from great grandparents.
i have a tin also--it's a bigger box, hinged lid, nothing fancy at all...we got it in germany. i don't know why i keep it but i do. german cookies came in it.