16 July 2011

Random (new) Item of the Day

I finally did it. I bought a coffee maker. The price ranges for these silly machines vary so wildly. I will say that I bought the smallest, and cheapest, I could find because I am not wholly confident that the breaking the mocha habit is going to stick.

It's kind of a pretty picture, isn't it?

Of course I forgot one thing: filters.  You know, the only thing more necessary than the actual coffee.  I will walk next door and snitch a few from the parents in a little bit.  I did buy extra milk but forgot to make sure we had enough sugar.  I dithered over creamer, trying valiantly to remember what BFF K's favorite was.  I went with the refrigerated French Vanilla for now. 

I also dithered over coffee.  Freddy's offers Seattles Best and something else but then I would have to either deal with the in-store grinder or buy a grinder.  So I moved on. Then I remembered that I used to buy the little one-use flavored packets for my brother-in-law's Christmas stocking.  I found them and bought Millstone's Breakfast Blend, French Vanilla, and Chocolate something-something.  I figured that buying a big container of coffee probably wasn't a good idea until we decided if we are even going to like this system.

Then *facepalm* I see BFF K's favorite: Dunkin Donuts coffee, already ground.  I held my ground though because I still didn't want to buy too much.  Next time I most certainly will toss it in the cart.  

As I got home, I waited initially to open the box figuring that Kevin would be interested in the whole unveiling thing.  Upon looking at my countertops, I realized I had to figure out a space to put the darn thing.  So ensues kitchen remodeling.  Put these cups away, put the large (empty) canister in the cupboard, and what the hell is going on wtih these plants!?!?!   

A little culling and relocating of spider and climbing vine plants later and viola: clear countertops.

Also, I forgot to-go cups. I got rid of ours because we never used them and Kevin didn't care for the lid style.  It's too bad the Starbucks cups are so expensive or I'd buy those.  I am sure that the parents have one or two for us to borrow anyway.

So, here goes.  Our little Do It Ourselves Mocha Project.  This better go right, I've spent about $28 thus far.  (:-D  And, the no mocha in the morning thing will kill me.  I've already pleaded online for a mocha, stating I'd pay $400 for one.  This resulted in having one DELIVERED to my office for FREE.  I know that I can't count on that though so time to grow up and figure this out.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I am open to ideas!!


Swistle said...

You held your GROUND! Get it? GROUND? Coffee grounds? Okay, well, I'M laughing.

It IS a pretty picture!

creative kerfuffle said...

are you telling me that you've gotten this far in life w/out a coffee pot? omg. i can't believe it. i am curious to see how this new venture goes for you. : )