28 July 2011

So Over This

I rarely get frustrated beyond coping.  Sure, I am human and I have my frustrations but rarely am I incapacitated by it.

Yesterday was that day.  Work has sucked, we needn't rehash that. Last night we are trying to figure out the ignition system for the racecar, which entailed going into town at 7:00 pm.  A gentle reminder that town is 20 minutes away, one way. Of course it is. Road construction? Sure! why not?

Anyway, the ignition system has to communicate with the laptop, which is proving to be difficult.  Essentially, the laptop says "Can't want to" and stares blankly at you.

Kevin phoned our friend Mig and put him on speaker (or "yell" as I phrased it last night) which meant there was Kevin, Nephew, Brother, the dog and Mig all in the shop with me.  That's not a recipe for a disaster at all.  Fortunately for all involved that I had already "requested" that Kev turn down the Nazareth CD that was playing.  Nazareth.  *shaking of head*  (He's seven years older than me.  It shows in our music)

At one point I muttered "I am so Over This", which made Kevin laugh which made me feel better.  Until I realized that his laughter was tipping toward maniacal as he was getting close to being Over This as well.   We have a strict "Only one crazy person at a time" policy so I let the Nephew start pushing buttons and frowning instead of me.

Usually if I am frustrated, Kevin takes the tact of parent dealing with a petulant child.  It usually works.  Mig is direct and essentially tells you to get over yourself.  Brother is quietly supportive (i.e. duck & cover) and the Nephew is just a smart ass.

We called it quits for the night because it was getting late and we were making no progress.  Kevin went to shower and me, not wanting to give up, continued fiddling with the stupid program.  (note: the program is stupid, not me)  Kevin's phone rang, because that's what it does during race season.

I must have answered it with gritted teeth because his friend Steven was all "How are You doing?" (with the implied sympathetic head-tilt)  I expressed frustration with the whole deal to him.

This is where I see Steven as a good dad.  He has two daughters, he gets it.  Suddenly, the patient father talking the toddler off the tantrum ledge tone comes into his voice.  Sympathetic tones, expressions of understanding, and suggestions of "Did you try..."

I'll be damned if it didn't work. I did feel better. 

Nevertheless, I left it for the Nephew to figure out today.  Never put off today what you can pawn over to the Nephew tomorrow.

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creative kerfuffle said...

what is stephen's phone number? sounds like just the person to talk to when you get to the point of no return. how lucky he called right then.