20 July 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

This weekend is one of those weekends that I have anxiety.  It's a high profile race, there's a Wally at stake.(click Wally for explanation) and it's just a big deal.

I'm not worried about the car or Kevin.  It's just the pressure of it all.  High exposure while working in the staging lanes and on the track.  Spectators & fans in the pits.  Media coverage.  Gah, my stomach hurts!

Once again, I'm thinking about team shirts. We really need to get our sh*t coordinated clothing wise. Kev's firesuit is black and he usually wears a black or red t-shirt.  I usually wear a red t-shirt though I prefer black. (too hot!!)  The Nephew wears whatever he picks up.  We just need to get team shirts made.  There I said it to the universe so now maybe it will happen. 

There are these flyers that are called "hero cards" that professional drivers have  for kids to collect while they are at the racetrack.  We don't have them as we aren't at that level.  Except for last year at this race. We were asked twice if we had hero cards and we had to say no.  I still cringe  at their disappointment.  Once I made Kevin stand for a picture so the kid at least had that. 

To use Kevin's words "It seems fat headed to have hero cards" but I don't know that I can take another little crestfallen face.  So that is something else that I am fussing about.  Perhaps I can just make up little hero cards & hide them in the trailer. 

I've written before that neither of us have ever thought we would be racing at this level of competition.  It still seems surreal to roll into the pits where parking is designated for us, people know us, and we have the need (albeit small) for hero cards.

Life is strange and changes so quickly.

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Swistle said...

You totally need to Zazzle those suckers. (And then order when all shirts go on a 50% off sale, because DANG.)