29 July 2011

To Do List

Queen of the Fall posted her To-Do list the other day and I thought that was a good topic so I am nipping it. Everyone has a to-do list of some sort.

I only usually write to-do lists when i get overwhelmed & my head gets too full. Right now there is a lengthy one at work.

Once this weekend is over and my life returns to normal, this is my to-do list:

Repot the plants that live on top of the kitchen cupboards. They've lived up there for five years and probably need the boost.

Filing.  I am so not into filing lately. (ever)

Getting back into the groove of having blog posts scheduled.  As it stands, I am in Canada right now writing this on the laptop.

I want new dishes.  I think I am going to start scouting the second hand stores.  I want to go all Martha Stewart and have mismatched yet matching dishes.  I am mulling whether or not I want old china or just regular dinnerware.

Organize my sock & underwear drawers again.  It feels like I'm just recycling the same four pairs and I know I have lots of each.

Finish the great picture reorganization project.  I stalled at printing the new pictures and hanging them. Believe it or not, we don't have any pictures of the kids on the walls.  GASP.  I know, I suck huh?

What's on your list today?

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