06 December 2019

Cleaning Up the Ashes

I finally was able to get my hair cut over the holiday week.  It's been over three months since that little fire episode.  (I know, I'm never letting it go)

I got there on time (holiday miracle) and had to wait for the stylist to finish with another customer.  The stylist said hi and continued with her client.  After a few minutes, the client left and I was invited to sit down in the chair.

As the stylist cleaned up and gathered what she needed, I noticed that she kept looking at me, both directly and indirectly.  I was prepared for this.   When she was ready, she really looked at me and kind of frowned.

"Before you start" I say "There was a thing. A tiny accident."  She nods her head at me.

I went on to explain that we had a tiny fire and everything fine but boy, oh boy, did my hair get a little burnt.

"Yes. It did." she replies.  She is not worried about my feelings, nor should she be.

I explained to her what areas I thought was burnt on my head.  She circled and brushed, and circled again, and frowned.

"Oh my god, your hair is REALLY burnt." she finally states.   "You're so lucky it's not worse."

So, this is where I felt validated because it felt like it was really burnt even though everyone said that it wasn't noticeable.  On the other side, I felt a little alarmed. Even though it's been MONTHS and I'm FINE.

Usually a haircut for me takes about 30 minutes.  45 if it's a stylist who likes to play with my hair.  I was there for an HOUR.

My haircuts are pretty straight forward. I have long hair (middle of my back or a little shorter) that is usually blunt cut.  I used to have bangs but I've been growing them out for about a year. So, I have long tendrils, kinda.   It's straight and fine, like baby hair.  Other than cowlicks, there's not much of  a challenge there.

One hour.

She fussed with what used to be bangs and declared there was nothing to be done. It was either start all over with short bangs or leave the funky tendrils/bangs/grow-out alone.  She trimmed the dead hair off and kind of evened it up, the best you can when it's burnt.

"The problem is" she declares "is that what is growing back is your *lowers voice*grey hairs. So they're out of control."  I just laughed and said "I KNOW"

Then she continues to brush and trim and brush and trim and brush.  Finally, she kind of sighs and says "I can't do anymore in the back without cutting off a LOT.  It's even burnt back here."

Wait. WUT?

There was a two inch wide section that was significantly shorter than the rest of the hair. Like in the middle of my hair, presumably what was then the longer part.  It is to be assumed that it's hair that fell forward when I leaned over the engine to put out the fire.  (sorry for the graphic imagery, Swistle) She explained that without me really explaining how I put out the fire so that was equally amazing and scary.

She said she was done cutting and started to blow it out.  A few more murmurs about how burnt it was.  How much better it is now.  Then she kind of looks at my FACE.  That's disconcerting, even if you're not me with fight/flight/flee impulses.

"Thank god you have your eyebrows!" she exclaims.  I explained that I luckily had my wire-framed glasses on, instead of the plastic ones.  "You are lucky, it would have been very different if you'd had on the others."

"I did lose some eyelashes but those grew back pretty nicely. Almost better than before. Makes me want to trim the other side."  She inspects them and declares "You have beautiful eyelashes." Then tsks some more: "You are so lucky."

So, an hour and a BIG TIP later, I left with a haircut and validation.

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Swistle said...

I enjoyed this whole description so much. The way she was surreptitiously glancing---and not-so-surreptitiously glancing. The way you began "Before you start. There was a thing. A tiny accident." The lowering of the voice before mentioning The Greys.