19 December 2019

Happy Tears

Okay, this IS a humblebrag.  I don't mind saying.

Today is my birthday and I've already been in tears three times. Twice were happy tears and once was laughter tears.

It's 10:30 in the morning.

The first happy tears was from my birthday present from Swistle.  It is a thoughtful and kind gift, as you would all assume.  It was the simple note that she included that undid me.  Thank you dear Swistle for being my friend for many, many years that seem like only 10! 10 Years!  May we be old ladies together.

The second happy tears was a facebook post from our friend who lives in the midwest and helps with the racecar.  He always, always, always, treats me like an equal.  He was the one who first started calling me crew chief and he did it again today with a facebook post.  It's a little thing but it's significant to me.

The third, laughter tears was a text exchange from a coworker.  We were exchanging dog photos and she sent a photo of her dog that refuses to get in the car and has to be forced.  I said "To be fair, I don't want to leave the house most times either."

She replies "Do you make your husband shove you in the back seat? hahahahaha"

OMG, my friends, y'all make me laugh.

I had chocolate cake and free coffee for breakfast.  The cake is from a decadent bakery called Pure Bliss, where I met my best friend in my old work city yesterday for an early celebration.

I slept in this morning, which Lucy appreciated until it was time to go get treats. Her schedule, not mine.  We went to our friend's coffee stand, who left a note that my coffee was free.  Hooray for friends who own coffee stands!

I've been watching facebook notifications tick up, as they do on your birthday.  I recognize that some folks just post by rote and I Don't Care.  I still enjoy it.

Kevin gave me a sweet card this morning, then hid this one in my laptop:

He drew the smiley face in the zero. Whimsy is not like him

Kevin has decided that I am still in my forties, in a hilarious way; by purposefully purchasing and defacing the above card. "It has been written, therefore it is true" it says inside.   For the record, I am 51 today.  I don't struggle with my age but it is astounding to think about.  He also posted a sweet note on the facebook.  He's not usually a sentimental guy but bets are off this year, I guess.

I never work on my birthday.  I usually sleep in, have lunch with Kevin, then do some shopping.  One year it snowed and I stayed home all day and it was lovely.  One year that I did work at a company that I hated. Their policy was that if it was your birthday YOU provided a treat for everyone.  And they posted your birthday so you couldn't get out of it.  Yeah, hated that job.
A little too Michael Scott/Office Space for me, thank you.

Today went mostly as planned.  I went Christmas shopping after lunch.  Just to stand in the middle of the store for fifteen minutes listening to my mom on the phone.  She phoned to wish me a happy birthday so that's nice. Just not in the middle of the men's clothing department.

Now I'm trying to decide what I want for dinner. I think I'll cook and bank going out for the weekend.

Thank you friends in real life.  Your posts are making me happy and laugh and feel fantastic.

Oh, one final thing: Kevin's mom's crazy best friend has posted on the facebook three times today wishing me a happy birthday.  And called me Sweet Pea.  Anyone who knows me in real just huffed out laughing.


Swistle said...

Happy birthday!! <3 <3 <3

I remember clearly when you turned 30! Which clearly can't have been more than 10 years ago, so I say Kevin's math is correct. (And I like his little whimsical smiley!)

Gigi said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm glad it was a good one.