12 December 2019

Even If We're A Little Bit Sad...

Two weeks ago I pulled out our Christmas decorations.  This is what my office currently looks like:

If you are surprised that there aren't more boxes,
there are three emptied totes in Monica's closet.

Now there are a few things to know:

This is super unlike me.

Well, that's it actually.  This is unlike me.  Usually I have everything decorated by the end of the Thanksgiving long weekend.  This year I actually threatened to decorate while Kevin was away BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Obvs, this didn't happen.

Part of what stalled me was it feels like I'm missing stuff.  So I had to get back into Monica's Closet and open the Fall and Spring decorations to see if I somehow put stuff in there. (just shush, I am aware of my issues)  Sadly,  I did not.

The other part is Kevin isn't quite in the spirit this year. I mean, he's not usually super Merry Christmas guy anyway but really not so much this year.  He tried to make Christmas happen for himself by getting a tree early and putting lights on the house.

His mom is less every day.  She mentioned that she is worried that she won't see the end of the impeachment hearings.  Her brother is dying of prostrate cancer and now her favorite sister-in-law is dying of lung cancer.  2020 is going to be huge for funerals.

It's just one of those years where it feels like everything is falling apart.  Because IT IS.

Too late now but: *WARNING*

The only shiny side of this is that our favorite uncle is hopefully on his way here for a visit.  For the first time since Kevin was a kid, he might be here for the holidays.  It's for a horrible reason but we're happy he might be here.

Kevin's spirits lifted a bit last night when he saw his surrogate dad, the father of his childhood best friend who helped raise him.  Uncharacteristically, he told Kevin "I'm not going to shake your hand. I'm going to hug you.  I haven't hugged you since you were a small boy. And I'm hugging you now."  (Kevin is 57 years old, by the way)

I know, right?  Heartachingly sweet. And it comforted Kevin.

So, today I am digging through a box - that I thought was empty - and finishing the house.  We are going to be MERRY dogdamnit.  Even if we're a little bit sad.

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