13 December 2019

Just Pay it Forward and Shut up

Okay, here's another coffee post.  Well, coffee related.  It's about a meme.  Well, that's also a theme around here.  I'll just get to the point.

The other day two family members (different branches) posted this meme:

Okay...cracking of knuckles, pushing up sleeves...

Pay it forward is a lovely gesture and I have zero understanding why anyone would want to demean it.  Why, why, why in the world of Carmen San Diego would you NOT want someone to pass a little bit of goodness on?  These folks need bigger problems.

The barista's here in the beautiful PNW make MORE THAN I DO.  It is because of tips, for sure, and they're not going to retire being a barista but they often bring home more than I do.

Starbucks doesn't give you the option to tip if you pay by card or app.  They usually don't have tip jars or if they did, they are tucked behind the register.  It's not easy to tip them.

Not everyone who goes to Starbucks is WELL OFF.  C'mon now. Is their world view so narrow? I go to Starbucks and I am far from Well off. I can't even see Well off in the distance.

Coffees aren't EIGHT BUCKS. At the most, usually, and including tip they are about six dollars, depending how fussy you are about your drink.

I'm not a fan of generalizations as a whole.  This one just really pulled my string.  People have a wide variety of circumstances and are rarely what they appear.  Maybe they are travelers who don't know the area but they KNOW the starbucks.  Or they're working from out of town and have per diem.  Or maybe they have a gift card from a birthday. The chick in  the lexus might have just lost her mom, maybe she just got a bad diagnosis, maybe she just lost her job and just needs a dogdamned treat.

And let's say that predominately these folks are better off than most. Does that mean they don't deserve a kindness? "Oh, you're doing well, so...NO NICE THINGS DONE FOR YOU."

Finally....taking out my earrings...do not call my Bougie Becky.

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