27 February 2020

Shoulda Bought That Coffee

This week has been a whole mood, I swear.

This morning I was running late, which isn't unusual.  I worked late yesterday so I wasn't particularly worried about being any kind of late this morning.

(for those of you who wonder how in the world of Carmen San Diego I can hold a job:  I have a super flexible job and schedule. As long as the work is done, doesn't matter when I am there.)  

I had forgotten that the stereo in my car decided that I could only listen to one radio station and nothing else yesterday.  This morning, it was the same and I couldn't turn it down.  SUPER.

It has a removable face so I popped it off and....now I have nothing.  I can see what time it is, which was remarkably correct.  Weird.  I could phone out but that was all.  So driving in silence for me today.  I wondered what was worse: silence or one radio station playing loudly.

While driving on the freeway I wasn't paying super close attention becuase that's who I am.  When I  traveled at 75 mph right pass a state trooper.  TERRIFIC.  This is also where anxiety decided to chime in and ask me if I remembered to put my license back since we went to Canada on Monday.

By the grace of sweet tiny 8 lb. 6 oz. baby jesus, the trooper did not pull me over.

I stopped to get coffee and that went well so I thought "Maybe the day is turning around. Didn't get pulled over...got coffee...let's do this."  I momentarily thought about paying the person's coffee who was behind me.  Then I decided not to, not for any specific reason.  I actually thought to myself "You need Karma correction, that isn't a good move..."

You laugh.  Wait.

Upon walking into work I noticed that someone had been in my office.  Weird but okay.  Turns out it was the I.T. guy who had installed some updates on my computer. 

I log into my computer and my internet wouldn't work.  I need internet for my job because everything is cloud/server based off-site.  NEAT.

The I.T. dude looks at it and decides that a new CPU would be faster for all involved than trying to fix the connectivity issue. Okay, cool. 

Not cool. 

Upon backing up files to the server, the IT department scanner caught "suspicious activity" on my computer and it had to be shut down AND unplugged.

Shoulda bought that coffee.

Nearly an hour later, I finally have a new computer AND internet.   I have been at work for TWO HOURS and have only accomplished breaking the internet and the computer.

As I was readying to get settled in, my favorite advocate in all of the land needs to impromptu meet with me about her caseload.  Sure, why not. Of COURSE.

We finish that meeting and others stop by also needing stuff, because that's why they pay me. 

I finally realized that it was lunch time so I went to leave.  NOPE. 

A client is looking for a partner agency and the office manager didn't know where it was. Now I am trying to relay directions and I don't speak Spanish.  Well, I can say a few phrases and understand a little but not Giving Directions Level of speaking/understanding.

Finally I leave to go get lunch and to see if I can get the stereo fixed.  While driving I phoned Kevin.  After about one minute of me no-pause speaking, he says "You seem a little...pissy." and laughs. This is NOT offensive because frankly, I am rarely pissy. Today was the day.  Mark it on the calendar.

And of course there was construction in front of the stereo shop. OF COURSE.

I've realized that I am now the age where people treat me like their mom and I have to say: DO NOT ENJOY.  However, the young man fixed my stereo (it needed restarted, like my computer)  so I can let that go.

Next I go to get lunch. I've phoned Kevin with a stereo update and he sasses me for buying lunch and I'm all "Whatever dude"  He wanted me to just go buy a new stereo so I had just saved us $250. I can buy lunch I think.

It took longer to go through the drive-through than it did for the young man to fix my stereo. SIGH.  I texted Kevin that fact and said "I hope that makes you feel better."  He says "NO."  Funny guy.

Now I am seriously considering just getting on the freeway and going home. 

Instead, I am now locked in my office with the music playing and trying to get some work done. OBVIOUSLY as proven by this post.

Oh, new computer requires new passwords, re-logging into all the apps, sites, etc. Finding or creating new shortcuts and choosing a new desktop photo. Because: priorities. I have done about 45 minutes of actual work This Whole Day.

I have an hour and a half left of the day.  Let's just see how it goes. 

Shoulda bought that coffee