11 November 2020

Anyone Need A Straw? Anyone?

 So, this is one of those actions that began as good intentions.  And then, in Surely fashion, it just got out of control.

This is my kitchen tools drawer:

What? You don't save every straw ever?  

As I've talked about, I've been intentionally working on my footprint on this earth.  Straws were one of those easy ones to do.  I'll wash and reuse them, keep some in the trucks, and keep a hoard stash.  This worked out really well.  Until it didn't.

I needed a spatula (yes, I know what that is)  and couldn't find it.  It's a mystery as to why. Hmmm.

I fished out all of the kitchen tools and this is what it looks like:

But you see there was once a semblance of organization?  There is a utensil sorter in that drawer.  I get scooby snacks for trying.  Until you see this:

Okay, so the first step is admitting there is a problem.  This probably should have been admitted when the creation of that overfull ziplock bag.  To answer one of your probably many questions: the shoebox is full of kitchen tools that I never use but will need the moment after I've given them away.  This box lives in the pantry, with the "extra" straws.

This is what I actually use.  You can see that they will fit quite nicely into that organizer, once I take out the national supply of straws stored in there.

I've thrown that wooden spoon away.  Gross. 
That drawer is the Bermuda Triangle of kitchen tools
 and straws.

So what had happened was I kept the straws (when I could) while I was still working in an office.  I would cycle them through on the regular. Rinse/wash them in soapy water then run through the dishwasher.  It would be about three uses before I tossed them.

Then Kevin unexpectedly went all Save the Turtles on me and started saving his.  

And then The End Times began and I didn't buy coffees anymore.  Well, less. I bought less coffees. But the supply exceeded the demand. 

The coffee place with the mermaid has the best durable straws.  I use those the mostest.  Another coffee stand uses only black straws and you know my Wednesday Adams's Heart just loves those.  Then you'll notice there are pink straws. Those are not mine and  I wrote about this earlier this year.  (Pink Straws)  I don't know that I'll have the heart to use all of those, like, ever. 

Now when Kevin gets us coffee on the weekends, he tells them we don't need straws. So the hope is eventually I will use these.  Or I am going to need arts and crafts project ideas soon.

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