07 November 2020


 This morning I woke up to a shift in energy and a text notification.  The shift was the noise of Kevin getting out of his chair to come wake me.  The notification was from Charlotte Clymer and Resistbot notifying me that it's finally done.  

I sat, stunned for a minute, until I grabbed for the remote to turn on the news.  

Then Van Jones is crying and I'm crying.

Then I'm trying to message friends from three different apps, only to get messages from others.  This isn't to say Oh I'm so Popular, but to show how relieved many of us are.  How social media can bring us together in a real way.

Our Canadian friends have reached out, just as relieved as we are.  World leaders and media are expressing support and relief. There is actual dancing in the streets.

We can breathe again. We've been holding our breath since Tuesday. Since November 2016.

Certainly it's not over.  We have two months of possible ongoing disaster.  Still, there is resolution, a way forward. It feels like 2008 again.


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