02 November 2020

Spun Out

I just had to take a few minutes of self-care.  Everyone is High Level Stressed today, the day before the election.  I am No Exception.

I'm trying to work with interruptions from Kevin, the in-laws (don't get me started) and the dog. And work.  Now I'm sneezing my fool head off and need to go get my inhaler.  The one that I nearly forgot to renew last week because I am a Responsible Adult.

I am over-caffeinated today because my brain wouldn't boot up this morning.  I just made myself eat a banana (YUCK) and an organic protein bar and drink 10 oz. of water.  I still want coffee.  I will argue that with myself later.

I loaded the dishwasher and started it.  I restarted the dryer.

I put the unfinished domino game away that I started when my mom phoned the other day. (another don't get me started)

I had paperwork strewn all over my desk, floor, and filing cabinet.  I stacked everything back up so my brain doesn't sit there and constantly remind me that there is paper, like everywhere, and why don't you do something with it. (I am but the brain disagrees)

Soon I have to go into town to pick up extra groceries in case the world falls apart tomorrow.  And I am stopping by my work for ten minutes so I can skip my Thursday office hours if the world falls apart tomorrow.  

I'm sending this out into the universe for two reasons.  Well, three.  Yelling uselessly into the void sometimes helps.  So I can look back to this day in particular and remember.  And so my brain will just finally, please, shut the eff up.

I hope this finds you doing soothing things today.  If not, please do.  Today is not the day to trifle with.

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