27 February 2011

Snow Week

It's Sunday night and I am probably, maybe going to work tomorrow. It's 37 degrees and falling.  There is still a chance of snow over the next 24 hours.  We've had the driveway plowed three times and dug out the vehicles twice.

Kevin hasn't been to work since Tuesday.  Normally I would be losing my mind but our IRS refund is in the bank so there is a little cushion there.  I haven't been to work either but I have vacation days banked.

The trouble with living out in this area is our weather is different  than everyone else.  We are at 750 ft. elevation and anytime the snow level drops to 1,000 feet we are at risk of snow.  We are tucked against a mountain so we get little sunshine during the winter so once we get snow, we have it forever.  It is usually five degrees colder than either of the cities to the north or south of us.

So, where everyone else says "There's no snow.  Our roads are clear" it never applies to us.  If we can get out of our driveway, we have to get out to the freeway.  One way has a steep hill that has already kicked my ass one winter and the other way has a 90 degree, uphill turn that is horribly slick.

Now let's talk about the freeway commute.  Mine includes an actual mountain pass that can get ugly, quickly.  I will often take the back road just so I don't have to worry about anyone else.  Kevin has two steep grades to drive and then the highway that he takes to work is in the top 10 most dangerous in the state.  (I know, right?)  That's why when the weather turns to complete crap and even though we have four-wheel drive, we tend to stay home.  Because the idea is Just because we can drive in it doesn't mean we should. 

Here I sit with nearly a foot of snow that is now sort of trying to melt but will freeze again by the morning.  The news said chance of snow showers still.  They said that yesterday and it snowed all day and through the night.

It's a tough decision sometimes.  I feel like I should go to work but the drive just isn't worth it.  To boot, the big truck is not fuel efficient.  It is not an exaggeration to say it's a days wage to fill the tank.  It isn't a fun decision to make.  I am lucky that work is flexible but a weeks absence is a little silly.

So, when we wake up we will make our decisions.  If Kevin doesn't work then he'll probably take me to work, which is nice.  If he does, then I'll have to decide after he leaves.  If only I could listen to a local road report that doesn't describe the road as sparkly.

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