22 October 2019

Dinner for Twelve...and a surprise

This weekend was FULL of family.  We started out with the Dinner for Sixteen and ended up with Dinner for Twelve.  And a surprise.

It is one of my nephew's sixth birthday this month.  He is my dad & brother's namesake.  He's had a very big Fall with Kindergarten, turning six, and playing soccer.

We finished dinner at a restaurant and he opened all of his presents.  Once we got everything cleaned up, I noticed that my niece's boyfriend was whispering to Frankie (new pseudonym) Then next thing we know, he was skirting the table and saying something to everyone.  Then he returned and crawled onto his mama's lap.

Joshua raised his voice to get everyone's attention and to all of our surprise: asked Niece to marry him.  It was very well done and so thoughtful.  He started with Frankie, reminding him about how he could be his forever daddy and they could be a forever family but the only way is if he marries Mommy.  He then asked if that would be okay and Frankie said yes.  (this is where the tears begin)

Then he knelt, in the middle of a busy restaurant and proposed.  There were gasps of excitement and cheers all around not only from us but from the other guests.  It was just so great. Hallmark Movie great. Other than my own, I've only been lucky enough to witness one other proposal. (and it is epic. I will tell that story another day)

To add to the already sweet moment, this is where I mention that Josh is going to adopt Frankie soon AND he is taking my niece's surname, guaranteeing that my family surname will continue.  Otherwise, it would end with the nieces as I nor my brother had kids so the name would stop with them. (Frankie carries his bio dad's name right now)

Also, this niece made the exact mistake that I did by marrying the super way wrong man at a young age.

This culminates a hard-fought battle that she has been waging to return to a normal life.

Forever Family, featuring their grandma

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Swistle said...

Oh I LOVE it!! Congratulations all around! <3 <3 <3