12 October 2019

No Chintz Up In Here

Kevin leaves for Vegas in about a month and will be gone about a week.  Historically, I choose a project to do while he's gone.  The past few years has been painting the master bath and the kitchen.  When he was gone in July, it was the laundry room.

Now there are only two places that need painting in the house: the bedroom and the hallway.

Here's the problem with the hallway:

the opposite wall also has many, many photos

That is a LOT of nails. A friend just said "Make it a mural" and that's probably what I'm going to do. There's always more photos to frame and hang.  It's a big family.  There's no paint to see if I do that.

But if I did lose my mind and decide to paint, then it's the question that always needs answering: what color?  The mocha color or the not white color?  Really, though, it would take a weekend to just take down the frames and take out the nails.  Let alone put everything back.

So then that leaves the bedroom.  Last summer I was going to paint the one wall (with windows) the mocha color then I couldn't decide so that was my decision. I just didn't.

The room is big with tall ceilings. It really is a two-person job, which makes my rebel inner self want to do it.  Because tall ladders when I'm alone for a week is a good idea. (to be fair, I'm not alone because the parents but it would take them a while to notice, no doubt)

While looking at the room and wondering, I had the realization that the quilt on our bed is similar to the bedspread on my childhood bed. Well, not childhood but teen-hood. (why, hello, Freud)

Now, here is the clause before you look. (you've already looked, haven't you?)
I grew up poor and unparented. The bedspread is actually from my brother's room, and it was the late 1980's.

There's just a lot to unpack in this photo:

Actually, this photo should just have it's own post

Other than the early 90's country blue/hunter green phase, I've always liked earth tones, it seems.  Also, I just couldn't ever ask a grown-ass-man to sleep in floral/chintz/frilly bedding.  Not that Kevin cares, he just wants warm and soft.  But I also do not enjoy floral/chintz/frilly bedding. OBVIOUSLY.

So, it will probably not be either room. I'll have to find a different project to work on that week. Monica's closet has reached crisis level again so maybe that will be it.  Also, that archaeological dig could possible produce some of the items in the above photo.

But I do have two cans of paint in the closet and brushes in the freezer...

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