06 October 2008

How it all Began

The other day, it came up in conversation how Kevin & I met. We met in two different instances actually. When we met and when we began dating are two separate occurrences:

Michael - the ex-husband - was friends with one of Kevin's friends so Kevin was always on the outskirts, mentioned in conversations, waved at on the road, etc.

On Labor Day...1989...a big group of us went camping way up in the Mt Baker Forest. You could only get there by four-wheel drive. There was about six couples and it was an annual thing. To be honest, I'm not sure how in the hell we were invited. I am suspicious that Michael invited himself.

On one of the nights, Kevin spent part of the evening throwing m-n-m's at me. Actually, they weren't thrown directly at me, they were more intended passive-agressively-antagonisticly for Mike. I was just collateral damage. Mike was not a popular guy with this group, or with me at this point. So, I didn't mind being pelted with the occasional m-n-m. Again, I'm not sure how we were invited, I barely knew anyone there.

I found out much later that not only was this camping trip a last ditch effort at reconcilliation for Mike & I, it was for Kevin and his ex-wife as well. (that's a whole other story...he married, to quote him, "The same bitch twice". But that's for another day)

Fast forward a year: October 1990. I am newly separated - nearly divorced, seeing someone else. (also: a whole 'nother story) when I was set up on a kindof-sortof blind date by my friend Brad...not a pseudonym, I'm still laughingly irritated with him for this so I am using his Real Name.

The blind dates name I have erased from my memory but he was a pain-in-the-ass. I think Brad set me up just so the guy would be out of his hair.

While I am waiting for Brad to meet me in the bar where everyone hung out back-in-the-day and rescue/relieve me of this tremendous bore, Kevin & his brother walk in. Kevin said hello as he walked past but there wasn't really any spark there. We had seen each other off and on in social settings but really hadn't spoken. ( I should mention that Kevin is 7 years older than me, and I was only 21 at the time. He seemed so Grown-Up to me)

I waited fifteen more minutes and to my despair, Brad has still not shown up. Desperate, I excused myself from the Tremendous Bore and essentially invited myself to sit down at Kevin & James' table. I explained what Brad had done and although they laughed, they agreed that I could hang out with them until/if Brad ever appeared. An hour ticks by. The bore has moved on and was now flirting up whomever came into his range of sight and still no Brad.

Then, because I wasn't uncomfortable and embarrassed enough, in walked Michael. Nice. Perfect.

This is about oh, two weeks before my divorce was official. At this point, I had a restraining order against him (he stole my f*&%ing car!) and so I made motions to leave.
Nothing puts a guy into action like a girl in distress. Kevin and his brother immediately went into defense mode. I remember Kevin saying "You can stay, nothings going to happen." which was comforting. His brother, in the meanwhile, got a mischievous gleam in his eye that I've come to recognize and laughingly cringe when I see.
"No, really, you guys, I have to go." I kept saying.

What did they do? Order me another soda. "There's no need to go anywhere." Kevin says.
So, I sat for a few minutes, totally uncomfortable. To my shock and surprise, Kevin asked me to dance. (how junior high does That sound!?!) We went down onto the dance floor and danced. I didn't know whether to laugh or swoon. I did realize that Kevin made sure I was facing away from the bar while we danced.

As you can probably guess, Michael approached James with a snarky comment while we were dancing. And this is where I am eternally devoted to James: James asked him if there was a problem and if there was, he was sure that he could help Michael with it and didn't Michael think it was a good time to leave and to leave me the &*#$ alone? (James is married, btw and So. Not. My. Type)

We returned from the dance floor after the song ended and I looked for Michael. I just knew there was going to be repercussions for dancing with Kevin. James just smirked and ordered me a drink. "I don't think you need to worry about it."

I stayed a little while longer, not much and then insisted it was time for me to go. I did ask Kevin to walk me out to the car, just in case Michael was waiting or it was stolen (again). He very gallantly walked me out and made sure I was safe. He even offered to follow me home, saying "I'll just stay in the truck until you're inside." (I know, right?)

To his surprise, I told him that wasn't necessary as I was armed. Wait, what? Yeah, I had a snub-nosed 45 under my car seat. (this is what sort of total bastard Michael was...again, a whole other story)

Kevin actually looked a little nervous. I remember saying "Oh, I wouldn't *kill* him, I would just aim for a knee or something. Just drop him until the cops come."

Oh, to be 21 again.

Brave soul that he is, Kevin asked me out on a date for the next evening.


Swistle said...

Oh, man. Wouldn't it have been satisfying to have done permanent knee damage? I understand that's a BTICH to live with, yet they can feel lucky to be alive.

Firegirl said...

Oh,Yes! Completely satisfying!! (:-D