12 October 2008

The Tale of Three Wives

As previously mentioned, Kevin was married before me. To quote him: "I married the same bitch twice!" Yeah, he got a bundle full of crazy when we first started dating and I got a bundle full of bitterness. Fun! A match made in heaven.

The first time he was married, he was 18 years old. My b-i-l says that he was simply head over heels, infatuated, obsessed about this girl. We will call her Carrie for the sake of keeping things simple. She was a year or two younger than he and came from a way broken home. She didn't live with her parents and she was in Job Corp, which in this area is essentially considered Juvie College.

They were married for about five years, I think, before they split the first time. She moved out of state and they were divorced for about one year.

And then, she came back.

And they got married again. The story goes that they both realized what a mistake they'd made as soon as the ceremony was over. Yikes! But this version of their marriage also lasted about five years all said and done.

I give him credit for really trying to make it work. It gives me comfort that he's a forgiving person and is willing to go the extra mile...and boy, did he ever for her. Because of this, I am his third wife and I feel blessed.

But, the best part of this whole history lesson actually is from MY ex-husband:

When Michael and I were first together, he told me the story of Kevin & Carrie's marriages and it went like this:

Kevin & Carrie were married young and for about five years. (correct)
Their relationship was great (wrong) until she was in a car accident. (the accident part is true)
Then her personality changed and she was never the same. They couldn't get along so they got divorced.

During their divorce/separation, Carrie was in another car accident and she reverted back to her previous personality and so they got remarried.

Now, I didn't remember this story for literally years after Kevin and I got together. I remember it like it was yesterday. We in his truck and I told him all of the above. His response?
"You. Are. Making. This. Up. He did not tell you that!?!?!" and he was LAUGHING.

I swear, even I could not make this up.

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Swistle said...

That is SO FUNNY. I see a new branch of couples' therapy: the deliberate car accident to save the marriage.