30 October 2008


I came across a Tom Petty CD the other day. I forgot that I had it, as often happens to me. It's the Anthology disc, the greatest hits of the 90's.

I forgot why I bought it until I played it again. It makes me Happy. Now, what's strange about that statement is that it is essentially the soundtrack of my divorce. One would think that I would HATE this CD but I don't. Actually, the only song that I hate from that life period is "Open Arms" by Journey.



But I'm off topic, a little.

When I left Michael, I got into my little red car, backed out of my parking space and turned the stereo on. (tape player...it was 1990) "Free Falling" was the song playing.

It couldn't have been a more perfect song for that moment in time. It really felt like a scene from a movie. The sun was shining, I was feeling pretty empowered at that moment and out of the speakers burst this song.
Ahhh, sweet relief.

Which is kind of strange because the song lyrics really have nothing to do with what was happening. Other than the feeling of freedom I was experiencing.

The CD also has my next favorite divorce soundtrack song: "Don't Come Around Here No More".
It fit nearly as perfectly as "Here's a Quarter, Call Someone Who Cares." (;-D

"Last Dance with Mary Jane" is an interesting song as well. As previously mentioned, I was a cute little bundle of crazy when I left so this song also applied.

And then there's the empowerment theme again: "I Won't Back Down" I remember often belting those lyrics out in the car as well.

Learning to Fly...Into the Great Wide Open...Running Down a Dream...it's just a great album.

So, the point being, if I ever make a true soundtrack of my life this album will represent the years from 1988 - 1991

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