16 October 2008


Because of the presidential debate last night, there was nothing exciting to watch on television. Reluctantly, I began to watch Oprah as I skimmed through catalogs.

Her topic was rudeness. She polled the audience on topics such as too many items in the grocery express lanes, taking someone’s parking space, being late, gossiping, etc.

There was nearly a scene from the movie “Little Black Book” at the beginning of the show. Oprah nearly had a “Kippy” moment when her staff did not provide her with a voting device. She was not happy. Oh my God, Oprah was not happy. I found this highly amusing because the movie subtly mocks Oprah and to have something like that play out in real life was just too much!!!

I felt like nothing at all was accomplished during the show other than Oprah being Mary Queen of Scots. It just seemed like it gave Oprah a venue to point out how rude *other* people are. She repeatedly told one audience member “That’s rude.” To the point that she asked if she had hurt her feelings and did she need a hug. W. T. F.

An audience member admitted to going into the express lane with too many groceries and justified it with “Well, I was in a hurry.” Oprah’s response? “That’s rude” I would have expected someone to mention that it is self-centered and disrespectful to others but nope. It is just rude.

Another audience member admitted to stealing a parking space. “I just pretend that I didn’t see them and if I don’t see them and it didn’t happen.” Again Oprah’s response? “That’s rude.”

Preschoolers can verbalize better than Oprah was speaking last night. Her guest was a strange little man that talked in psychobabble and was difficult to understand. Where was Dr Phil to say, “You are NOT the only person on this earth!”

My other favorite moment was when a guest asked Oprah if she had ever been a waitress. The look of horror that momentarily passed across her face was PRICELESS.

It reminded me of an Eddie Izzard bit about the Queen asking someone what they do for a living. The person replies "I'm a plumber." The Queen looks at him blankly and says "A plumber? What on EARTH is that?"

I guess the end result for me is that I am not a rude person. Oprah has deigned it so.

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