02 August 2009

Couples Therapy

Any time that we go to the races it is a long drive, averaging about two hours. This gives Kevin & I rare, uninterrupted time together. One would think that being a childless couple, we would have nothing but time together but it's simply not true. The family is always about, the phone is always ringing, and there is just always something going on.

These drives give us the opportunity to discuss what is currently happening with the family or each other. Right now, of course, there is plenty going on with the reappearance of his ex-wife and my dads illness. Even when there isn't such life altering things happening, we often find ourselves submersed in serious conversations. We've made some pretty big decisions while traveling.

Traveling in the truck is a comfortable, somewhat soothing way to discuss big topics. We can't get mad, grouchy or snippy because we're stuck right next to each other. We don't necessarily even have to look at each other if we don't want. It's very nearly couples therapy.

We're driving to Vegas in November so that will be like a 1600 mile session.

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Not Your Aunt Bea said...

We're the same way. Life is always busy and being in the car is one of the rare times when you can just focus and talk about what's going on with minimal interruptions.