13 August 2009

Random Item of the Day

I realized that I haven't posted a random item lately. Welcome to the ADD brain.

I found this in a second-hand shop way back in the day. It's a tin recipe box. My mom has one just like it and I couldn't pass it up even though I will eventually inherit hers.

It holds index sized cards and I even have recipe cards for it, even though I have No Idea how that happened! There are even recipes tucked in there. Granted, there are recipes written on sticky notes, torn from magazines and even recipes that I had from when I was married to Michael.

There are a few recipes covered in packing tape. No, this isn't white-trash laminating but it's close. In the old house, I had them taped on the back of the cupboard doors above the stove. This charming little box is probably a much more kitchen friendly way of storing recipes that I rarely use.

Although, I am thinking about trying to make crepes...I used to be able to make them. So I'll have to fish that recipe out of the box and buy the ingredients.

I'll let you know how it goes!


Small City Scenes said...

A cute recipe box--I think all women your Mother's age and on had one of those at one time. I would forget to put a recipe in and just keep stuffing my cookbook or junk drawer with more and more written or torn out of magazines and when I moved I left them all there. Good stuff too.

So you got married in the F/C Lutheran Church. Good for you. Isn't it odd that even thought I said Fir-Conway Lutheran Church some had to ask what affiliate the church is. I think what he meant was like--Missouri Synod or whatever. Ya never know. I wonder if some people just look and the picture and not read the remarks.
I drive the Chuckanut quite often too. Remarkable when you think that was the only link from Seattle to Bellinham at one time. The Pacific Coast Hiway. Love it.
Thanks for the visit. MB

Janet said...

I have one of those boxes, too. I got it because my mom had one!

Here's a template for cutie recipe cards to put in it!