14 August 2009

The Food Thing

I feel like I'm phoning it in this week...revisiting old topics...oh well, it's summer.

We are still not doing the red meat thing. We have it about once a week at the most and it's usually if we're eating out on Friday nights. I used to crave it but now, it seems, my stomach is all WTF if I eat it. I guess this is a good thing.

I've "solved" the chicken breast issue I kept running up against. It boils down to laziness. I tend to not want to (or simply forget) defrost the chicken breasts that are lazing around in the freezer. I stop by the high-end grocery store that just happens to be on the way home from work and buy a grilled chicken breast from the deli. This is a MIRACLE for me. Not only do I not have to cook, I can branch out...grilled chicken caeser salad, chicken & potatoes, etc. etc.

We've been eating salmon weekly. I hate to admit it: I'm getting tired of it. I am going to have to find a fish replacement soon...and not fish sticks even though I triple love fish sticks. (Yes, I am six years old)

I also phone it in on Sundays. We have breakfast. While not the best for us, it's better than a lot of what we used to eat.

We don't drink soda much at all. I have lost a taste for it, which I would have NEVER, Ever, Never would think have happened.

I still have my mocha addiction but I've given up worrying about that. If I were ballooning up, I would consider it but I'm shrinking instead so nanner, nanner, nanner.

Kevin has a check-up next month so we'll know how his bloodwork comes out. If it's still high, then I'm hiring a chef doggone it.

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Dynamita said...

I'm so proud of you!!!! Congratuations