06 August 2009

The Wrong Side of the Bed

I've discovered that I have been literally sleeping on the wrong side of the bed. I kind of came to the realization the other day when I noticed that whenever I go to bed without Kevin I end up sleeping on his side of the bed. Initially, I thought perhaps it was his pillow or just that it was his side of the bed. In the absence of him, his side of the bed will suffice.

Then I tried to remember what side of the bed I slept on as a child. This was a little difficult as it's been *cough* thirty-ish *ahem* years and I slept on a single sized bed. Also, I constantly moved my room around.

So then I had to think about when I was married to Michael. Always my favorite. I slept on the left! On a *waterbed*. NICE.

At this point in life, there's no switching things up. It's interesting to think about though. Or I'm just easily entertained....

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