15 August 2009


Kevin is gone today, he left about Oh God Thirty and I didn't even wake up. I don't expect him back until sometime after midnight. So, this leaves me at my own devices for a nearly 24-hour period. This is such a rarity that I found myself wandering aimlessly about the house. "What to do? I could do this...but this needs to be finished. Oh, and what about this?"

Finally, after finishing some errands and chores and checking email & facebook, I settled down. I'm a night person so the moment 5:00 pm rolled around, I was Suzy-On-Task.

What's "Excavation" have to do with any of this you ask?

My Desk.

Oh My God. My Desk.

Firstly, I have a desk the size of a single-bed. Seriously. I keep the top of it cleaned off because it's so freaking cool. It's solid oak and huge and lovely.

But with that, means one large drawer stuffed full of odd items. A watch box, magazines that I have no idea why I kept, old crosswords, scribbled notes of finished and/or abandoned blog posts. To Do lists. To-Do-Someday-Before -I-Am-Old lists. Add to Amazon Wish List list. A random VHS tape that I have no idea why is in there. Pictures, random stationary, a USB cord that I don't know what it goes to. You know, the usual stuff.

I have a huge bag full of stuff from our Vegas trip that I keep Meaning To make into a scrap book. Sigh of guilt...

The datebook of when Kevin was sick..tells me his diagnosis & treatment dates. Can't believe I thought to keep it but there it is!

I now have two neat drawers...Oh, and another thing, I need to back up off the journals. I found FIVE. Five for God's sake.

Now I have a pile of "stuff". Lists that need culled. Research that needs to be either done or abandoned...clearly was in the abandoned category for a while there...and filing. Ugh. Filing. That is going to happen another day, Scarlett.

So, here is my desk. Excuse the heavenly glare from the funky lamps...the lighting is funky to photograph in this room. One HUGE window that creates a glare...overhead lighting is too stark and this way, it looks as if I write within a lovely sepia-toned oasis...or something like that.

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Not Your Aunt B said...

Nice! Looks great, heavenly lights and all.