18 August 2009


My horoscope today:

Your horoscope for August 18, 2009

A small spark in a dry field is apt to whip the hill into flames. A raging wildfire is likely to be underway by the end of the day. Know that you are one of the biggest perpetrators of this action, but don't feel bad about it. Fire may be seen as a thing of destruction, but know that it is actually quite a necessary part of nature. Clearing out brush and offering a fresh new place for new growth to flourish is an important part in the cycle of nature.

Okay............................can't wait to see what that is about.


Swistle is a genius, this we know. But check this out, she was a trendsetter too. Although I think blog posts are difficult enough, let alone going up on stage:

Salon of Shame


If you've ever wondered what it looks like around the northern Pacific Northwest, check out three of my favorite photography blogs:

Small City Scenes

Kevin works in Stanwood and it's like his hometown

Seattle Daily Photo

An insiders peek at the Emerald City

The Cliff Walk

It's as if this photographer has tagged along in my life...most of these pictures are taken within a twenty mile radius of where I live. Wonder where a picture was taken, ask me. Odds are good I'll be able to give you directions. (:-D I found him while aimlessly wandering the internets.

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Swistle said...

Oh dear, a cleansing fire. That sounds...sweaty. I wonder if it will be family or work?