04 September 2019

Three Shirts and an Attitude

Lucy is our third dog.  The other two were bigger dogs and were remarkably low maintenance.

About six...maybe nine...months ago, she had a potty accident in the house. This is super unlike her so we knew something was happening.  Another accident and a sleepless night due to whining later, I took her to the vet.

With apologies for the yuckiness, her anal glands had gotten infected.  Unlike our other dogs, this issue - we will refer to it as - needs addressing on a regular basis.  I've had to take her once since then, otherwise she's been fine.  It turns out that it happens more to smaller dogs and we just need to take her into the vet on the regular.  But she's been fine.

Until this weekend.

About a week ago, she acted strangely and insisted that she needed to sleep with us.  Kevin gave in and let her. She slept at the foot of the bed and was a good girl.  I read on the facebook the next day that other people's animals were also acting up.  Perhaps it was the moon, pending earthquake, or whatever.

She was fine for a few days.  Then she wanted to sleep in the people bed again.  We told her no and she whined in her crate a bit but went to sleep.

Then on Sunday she wasn't herself again.  But she caught a snake.    I hate snakes so Hell.to.the.No but I praised her for getting it. When I did, she whined because her bum was bothering her again.  (It was a gardener snake so I wasn't worried that she was bitten.)

That night she insisted that she sleep with us again and Kevin let her because she was so unhappy.  Now I was unhappy too.  I knew I'd have to take the morning off to take her  to the vet and I knew I wasn't going to sleep well.

And I didn't.  She started at the foot of the bed, then crawled in between us.  I woke up at midnight because she was pushing against my back as if to say "Go sleep on the couch."  I moved her back down the foot of her bed and went back to sleep.

I woke up about three o'clock and something wasn't right. Someone was breathing in my ear and it wasn't Kevin.  My brain doesn't work very well when I'm tired so it took me longer than it should have to realize that I also had a paw on my shoulder.

I was being spooned by the dog.  Oh. No. This is not happening.  Her head was on the pillow, like a people.

I got up and moved her back down to the bottom of the bed.  She fussed a little and woke Kevin.  I reminded her that she is not a people and stay.  Then I went back to sleep for about an hour until Kevin's alarm went off.  I tried to go back to sleep after he left but I was so tired that I couldn't sleep.  Finally, I texted work that I would be late, and got ready for the day.

This is where I say that I detailed my truck  the day before.  We didn't think to have Kevin take my truck instead because it's five in the morning and I haven't slept well.

Lucy and I head out and I am grumpy.  I'm rarely, truly grumpy and yesterday was an entire mood.  I stopped to get a coffee and hoped it would improve my mood.  It did not.

We went to the vet, got her taken care of, and I returned home.  Lucy felt better and I was still just pissy.  I let her run around while I vacuumed and wiped down the truck AGAIN.  It has black interior and it shows everything.  Dog hair, dog treat on the seat and carpet, nose prints on the dash and window.  And yes, the OCD was at full-strength.  And I'm still a mood.

I changed clothes for the same reason as above.  Dog hair and annoyance isn't a good look.

Arrived at work to discover that they are finally moving offices...tomorrow. So I packed up my desk and computer then helped pack the rest of the office.  Now, again for the second time That Day, I am a hot mess. I kept telling myself that I am going to have a new office so my mood was better.  But packing and moving was not on my to-do list.  And: packing and moving.

I finally got home and Lucy was happy.  She'd forgotten everything that had happened and was back to her normal self. Yea for her!!  Where's the couch? for me.   Kevin phoned to let me know he was on his way home shortly after I got home and I was all "Wait, what?"

I'd forgotten that I'd worked late and more importantly, forgotten that it was Taco Tuesday.

As I went to clean up the hot mess situation, I spilled down the front of my shirt.  Because of course.  I'm on shirt #2 now.

Kevin gets home and everything is starting to sort out.  Tacos make everything better.

Here's the thing with tacos though.  They seem to require every.single.dogblessed.dish in the house. And of course I soak my shirt while doing dishes. Of course.

Now I'm on Shirt #3 and it's not even 7:00 p.m.

We went to bed early and Lucy went into her crate without a fuss.  I slept all night and even went to sleep again after Kevin left.

I've only needed one shirt today.


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Swistle said...

I loved this story and also the title, and also I would have let Lucy sleep with her head on the pillow <3 <3 <3